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Powering university merchandise

Merchflow is your all-in-one solution for university merchandise. We build, manage and market it all for you.

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Your key to selling merchandise

If your university is interested in selling merchandise to students, we can help make it easy and affordable through the use of dropshipping. Our team has a wealth of experience, compiled it all into one convenient package.


Request a free demo now to see the full range of merchandise we offer.

About Us

Why dropshipping

We create, manage and distribute merchandise with our dropshipping supplier. By using dropshipping, universities reduce their risk with merchandising as there is no upfront cost required and designs can be added or discontinued at any time.

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Built for students

Merchandise allows students to express their identity with the university and can effectively build community and engagement within the university. Provide students with high quality merchandise that they want to buy for themselves, friends and family.

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What we offer

Making merchandise convenient and easy for universities

Website & Marketing

Merchandise Creation & Shipping

Design, photography & print

Reporting and Analytics

With the right partner, everything is possible

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